A Personal Trainer as to adapt his Sessions to his Clients, depending their Level, their Hability, their Taste, and their Goals

Anywhere and Anytime you need 
If the place you are living possesses a gym, I will be happy to train you there, if not we can set up a training space in your place, or outside. Some gym accepts independent Personal Trainer but with an extra heavy fee.
Most people don't realize that you don't need a full gym to train, and you can reach your goals outside with some material and a Great Trainer.
Of course, if your goal is to compete we will set up everything you need to be the next Mister or Miss Olympia. ;-)
I'm available 7 days a week from 5 am to 10 pm
What Kind of training is it?


Whatever you like, Boxing, Trx, Olympic Lifting, Fitness, NPC preparation, Cardio training, Stretching, Core, Models Workout, Crossfit, Swimimgs,...


I have 4 States degrees on top of my Master (Rowing, Power Lifting, Swiming & Boxing)


15 Years of Experience being a Personal Trainer made me highly adaptable and knowledgeable.

Training and Nutrition


You can train hard, hit the gym every single day, sweat and push heavy but it won't work without a proper and Personalized Diet!


70 % of your Goals is the Diet, no supplement or workout can do that for you.


I will provide your nutrition plan, and adapt it every time is necessary.

A trainer needs to be reachable at any time, to be able to answer your questions and support you in your Fitness Journey.